Frequently Asked Questions

On average, a bathroom remodel costs $10,000 but can go as low as $6,000. Remodels at this price point are usually done for cosmetic purposes, where no changes in the layout are made.

Labor accounts for at least 20% of the costs. It can go up to 60% when reconfiguring the entire layout is part of the bathroom remodeling project’s scope.

The first step to redoing a bathroom is removing the existing fixtures and drywall. This is best left to experienced professionals for safety reasons. Once the bathroom is gutted, the new fixtures can be installed.

A full bathroom remodel intended to increase a home’s market value included updating the bathroom fixtures including the lighting and flooring, installing new storage solutions, and updating the decors.

The choice of having a shower instead of a tub is up to the homeowner. Generally, showers are best suited for smaller bathrooms such as those in apartments. Homeowners who want to have both may opt for a shower-tub combo or walk-in tubs. You can learn more about the conveniences and limitations of both options when you speak with our experts.

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